Sunday, 17 August 2008

Ohh I have not blogged for ages!

Well I have finally got round to updating my blog, I have been really busy with the charity event, so far we have raised over £375! I am waiting to hear if my Husband's employer will match it!

The best bit about the day for me was meeting Penny a designer for Impression Obsession, we discovered we have so much in common. I would like to thank all the Hero Art Bloggers that kindly made cards and jewellery for the day and for the following companies that donated Items for the sale table and raffle. Hero Arts, Personal Impressions, Design Objectives, Siesta Frames Ltd, Sainsbury, Waitrose and Stamp Box.

In addition to the charity day I also attended Art Stamps UK Show and spent a small mortgage!!! I discovered some really cute stamps by a company called Little Claire (I am posting a picture of one of the stamps from them) and some amazing stamps by a company called Lavinia (great for silhoutte scenes).

Now for a bit of bragging...I got an honourable mention on the Hero Art website for a Note block and matching card set. I really can't believe I got a mention, if you look at all the amazing cards that are submitted on the site!

I shall be on holiday soon, yay so watch this space for some holiday inspired ideas!


Anne said...

Hi, Cathy! So glad that the charity event was such a success! Woo-hoo!

Congratulations on your fabulous mention at Hero Arts. I really liked the gift set you made. I'd love to know who makes the flower stamp you used as a background and colored so well! It is gorgeous!

Love the kitty cat stamp set! Too cute!

Enjoy your holiday! :-)

Penny said...

Amazing result!!! Well done for all your hard work in preparing the event :)

Now, who's eaten all the cakes??? There was a MOUNTAIN of them when I was there!! LOL!

Congratulations on your card honourable mention - fabulous news and well deserved as the set is so beautiful. I love the pretty glitter highlights!

Anonymous said...

Hi Cathy! Penny has lead me to your site and I was so happy to hear that you both have a new stamping friend and amazed when Penny told me how similar your lives are! Congratulations on the fundraising and the hero arts - love your work and will pop in again! :) Lana

Cathy A said...

Hi Anne, the flower stamp I used is Penny Black 'Modesty' 3645K, Penny as for the cakes, well what can I say I have gained a few pounds :)
Lana, welcome to my blog, I am so glad Penny mentioned me to you.

Suzanne C said...

Yeah Cathy! You make beautiful cards and projects! Glad your event went so well!