Saturday, 6 September 2008

Holiday Highlights

I have just returned from a weeks' holiday in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt and I can report that there is still a SUN! (honest). It was such a joy to wake up to 40 degree cloudless sky's and saunter down to breakfast and then spend my day basking on a relaxer whilst the hotel's entertainment team entertained my teenagers! (Although I did have second thoughts when they offered to take my daughter to a foam party!). My son got to see a blue spotted stingray whilst diving and we all saw some amazing colourful marine fish from the jetty.

Well this is how the holiday began anyway......but then ooh no, 3 days in and I got the most horrendous food poisoning and spent the remainder of the holiday in my room. So I crawled back home feeling worse than when I went! The bad news is that I am still suffering and so finding everything really hard work at the moment.

On the morning of our return home, my DH informs me that I have 10 minutes to wrap presents and make cards for the people that moved the mail and looked after our fish whilst we were away; as they were popping round. Oh no pressure then! Well I was fortunately inspired by the arrival of some inks from Hero Arts (for my recent honourable mention). Lovely fall colours that just called out to be used in the making of some quick cards. As time was short I thought I would experiment with some extra quick drying printer photo paper - boy does it suck up the ink! Anyway here are the results.

These cards were made using the colorbox Q Fall Chalk inks from Hero Arts and Hero Arts stamp set LL 842 Flower Blocks. They really are great when you need a card in a hurry!

Well I couldn't end this post without showing you a few pictures of some of those beautiful fish, I just wish they would pose for their my DD!

See not one of them smiled for the camera!
Anyway this has been rather a long post, so if you have managed to stay awake to the end well done and thanks for persevering.


Penny said...

OMG you poor thing!! food poisoning is no fun at all, you must have felt really weak. I hope you can fully recover very soon x

The fish are amazing, so beautiful!

And as for the cards, well, brilliant job I'd say, especially with just 10 mins notice!!

Unknown said...

I've had food poisoning, so I know what you've been experiencing. I hope your recovery is speedy - just don't push it, okay?

Love those pretty fish!

Deborah/Gigi 001

Lisa Carroll said...

Gorgeous fish! I'm so sorry that your holiday turned out to be not-so-fun... hopefully you'll be completely back to your own self very soon. :)