Sunday, 4 April 2010

My Birthday Cards

I have been so fortunate to receive so many beautiful handmade cards, I thought it would be lovely to share them with you all here. 
By Mel
By Hazel
By Chris
by Kay
By Gill
By Mel
By Virginia
By Penny
By Irene
By Audrey
By Nathalie
By Fiona
By Gill
By Sarah
By Jo
By Edmea
By Sue
By Penny
By Gill
By Lin
By Liz
By Mum
By Sandra (Front)
By Sandra (inside left)
By Sandra (inside right)
Thank you for sharing in my special day.


Lin said...

They're all beautiful - what a joy to receive all of them!!

stampingandstitching said...

Oh wow what an amazing selection of birthday cards Cathy! I loved looking at them - thanks for sharing!

Heather Maria

Alice said...

what beautiful cards you have received, Cathy! thanks for sharing!

Anne said...

Hi, Cathy! What lovely cards! Hope you enjoyed your birthday! :-)

Pajalu said...

Wow what a wonderful collection of cards :D. I bet you love each & every one of them xoxoxoxoxo

Diana said...

WOW stunning! Way to go. Thanks for sharing. Happy Monday in May!

Virginia L. said...

I'm sorry that I came by your blog so late... I miss you and I'm looking forward to seeing you in two weeks!!!!!!!!