Wednesday, 21 December 2011

More Handmade Gift Inspiration

Earlier this week I showed you a leather binder, inspired by a programme called Kirstie's Handmade Christmas.  Today I would like to show you another gift inspired from this programme.  Kirstie had inadvertently shrunk one of her husband's wool jumpers, and showed us how she turned  this into a shrug.

This gave me an idea, so after a hunt round a local charity shop I found the perfect wool jumper for the shrink treatment.  (Requirements for jumper - high wool content and hand wash only)

This is the result - a felted bag!

The jumper was washed at the highest temperature in the washing machine - this felts the garment.  I then cut out the bag using this template.  I added some felted hearts that I had made from wool tops and a heart shaped cookie cutter and then stitched the bottom and the pocket.  SEW easy!!!!

I have a friend that will just love this and after showing it to my mum, I don't think any of my dad's wool jumpers are safe!

Thanks for visiting me today and for all the lovely comments, they really make me smile.
Hugs Cathy


Virginia L. said...

How CREATIVE are you, Sweet Cathy!! Love your innovative ideas as always!! Your mail came before my birthday!!I am so touched!! HUG to you! and Merry Christmas to you and family!!xoxo

Elizabeth Allan said...

Sew cute too! I have always wanted to try this.... now to find an old wool sweater!

Paula (PEP) said...

This is astonishing - I would never have dreamt that this was an old jumper.
Wishing you a lovely Christmas & with my thanks for all you do.
Paula (PEP)